J159-10KS 12500mAh Power Bank (22.5W/PD Power Delivery)

The 22.5W PD power delivery power bank –

Four-Fold Protection Technology

With New Age’s Four-Fold Protection Technology, your device is protected from;

Short Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
Overheating Protection
Overload Protection of the Connected Device
Type C Speed Recharge

With a Type C port and a max output of 3A, a full charge takes just over 3 hours—twice as fast as a standard power bank.ted, and stay on.

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Introducing the Powerbank Model J159-10KS: Your Ultimate Mobile Charging Solution
In today’s fast-paced world, where staying connected is non-negotiable, we understand the importance of reliable mobile power and we proudly introduce the Powerbank Model J159-10KS from New Age Mobile Concept Ltd.

Unlock the Power of 12,500mAh
Imagine having a portable powerhouse that can charge your devices multiple times over. With a colossal capacity of 12,500mAh/46Wh, the Powerbank Model J159-10KS ensures your gadgets stay powered throughout your hectic day. Say goodbye to the anxiety of a drained battery when you need it most.

USB-C: The Future of Connectivity
Designed to keep up with the latest technological trends, the Powerbank Model J159-10KS boasts USB-C input/output for lightning-fast charging. USB-C has become the industry standard for good reason – it offers rapid data transfer speeds and efficient power delivery.

Dual USB-A Outputs for Multi-Device Charging
We recognize that you’re not always charging a single device. That’s why we’ve equipped this power bank with two USB-A outputs. Now you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or wireless earbuds. No more disputes over who gets to charge first!

Type-C Cable Included
We believe in providing you with a complete charging solution right out of the box. That’s why the Powerbank Model J159-10KS comes bundled with a Type-C cable. No need to search for compatible cables or purchase them separately; we’ve got you covered.

22.5W Power Delivery for Swift Charging
The Powerbank Model J159-10KS is not just about capacity; it’s about speed as well. With 22.5W Power Delivery (PD), this power bank adjusts and delivers the precise voltage and watts required for optimal rapid charging of your devices. Say hello to quicker, more efficient charging that lets you get back to what matters most.

In a world where mobility and connectivity are essential, the Powerbank Model J159-10KS stands as your ideal companion. It’s more than just a power bank; it’s a complete solution that ensures your devices stay charged, so you remain connected.
Don’t miss out on the future of mobile charging. Elevate your charging experience with the Powerbank Model J159-10KS from New Mobile Concept Ltd. Stay powered, stay connecDescription


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