oraimo SmartOffice Wireless Keyboard Mouse Kit

Original price was: ₦27,000.00.Current price is: ₦23,000.00.

Ergonomic Design
Wireless Connection
Quiet Designed Keystrokes
104-key Full-Sized Keyboard
Strong Key Structure
Easy Plug and Play
Immediate Comfort and Adaptability
Status/Low Battery Indicators

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Product Parameters:Product Parameters:
Keyboard:Rated Voltage:5VRated Current:100mAWireless Type: 2.4GTransmission Distance: 8mMouse:
Max DPI: 800 DPIRated Voltage:5VRated Current:100mAProduct Features:
Ergonomic DesignWireless ConnectionQuiet Designed Keystrokes104-key Full-Sized KeyboardStrong Key StructureEasy Plug and PlayImmediate Comfort and AdaptabilityStatus/Low Battery Indicators

Keyboards are the important part of the computer in which we can type all the alphabets, numbers, signs, and many other functions like page up, page down, control, shift, backspace, etc. So, these are specific keys on the keyboard that are used to give specific input. There are many types of keyboards made up of different types of materials based on the company. But generally, we can say that there are three types of material present in the keyboards, two of which are polymers, and one of them is a metal or alloy of metals.So, these are plastic, rubber, and either steel or aluminium. The outer part of the keyboard is made up of the plastic that we press, while the internal part of the keyboard is made up of plastic and rubber which makes it elastic when we press it the key comes back to its position. Under the internal part of the keyboard, there is a circuit that is made up of steel or aluminium. This is the common base of many keyboards.


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oraimo SmartOffice Wireless Keyboard Mouse Kit
Original price was: ₦27,000.00.Current price is: ₦23,000.00.
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